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What to wear + expect at paddle board Yoga

One of the nice things about #PaddleboardYoga is that you can rock your bikini or board shorts, your trucker hat and that’s about all you need. The whole experience is just about 90 minutes. There is a pre paddle and some general instruction but its safe to say it’s pretty easy to get from the beach to the Yoga Spot w/o needing to know too much or worry about too much. To me that is the key to the goodness of SUP Yoga. Simplicity. What the worst thing that can happen? You fall into the refreshing water and cleanse your soul?

Here is what you need to bring to class

  • Croakies for your glasses! If you are wearing prescription sunglasses this is a must.

  • A waterproof case for your phone if you decide to bring your phone.

  • A Towel. You may fall or jump in at some point. A towel is nice to have.

  • A change of clothes. Optional.

  • Bottle of water

  • Sunscreen

Here is what you need to wear:

  • Bathing suit, shorts/ yoga pants/cotton pants + tee shirt. Anything easy and stretchy that you would wear for an exercise or yoga class.

  • A trucker hat is always nice

  • Have your flip flops on the beach but Paddleboard yoga is done w/o shoes.

When you are going out paddleboarding and/or #Kayaking for a day trip in #Hudson you need to be a bit more careful about sun protection and hydration. Wearing a rashguard or long sleeve shirt is great for longer trips. And bring extra water and snacks.

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